The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion, respect and collaboration amongst all employees and community members. We understand that we grow and learn better together when we recognize, respect, and celebrate individual diversity. 

We hold near and dear five guiding values that are essential to what we do, how we work together and the pride we take in our work.

Accountability: We make informed, evidence-based decisions, take initiative to search for better solutions, follow-through on our commitments and take responsibility for our actions.

Integrity: We act in an honest and trustworthy manner, demonstrating respect for one-another and the conviction to do what is ethical.

Our People: We know, support and trust one-another. We care about the growth and safety of our co-workers and ourselves.

Sharing Information: We listen to others and seek to understand their perspectives. We share information proactively, explaining the reasons for our decisions and the lessons learned from our actions.

Working Together: We collaborate to achieve common goals, work through our differences and enjoy a healthy camaraderie with our colleagues.